Professional Approach to your clients

Some thoughts on the business side of magic.

A simple fact - In order to succeed as an entertainer, you have to be able to please your audience.

Pleasing the audience should start to happen from the first moment of contact between you and your client.

Give them every reason to love you and no reason to say NO.

When dealing with potential clients - it is extremely important that you allow them to fully see your character as a magician – not as a business man. It will either guarantee you that they look upon you favorably - and hire you --- OR --- they will send you a signal that you should learn from. If you can't sell yourself to your customer - you won't succeed. Change your character and choice of magic to fit the client’s expectations - and you will succeed.

Once you have a feel for the venue ( occassion, location, setting, time of day, size of audience, age of audience ) consider routines that fit the occasion. Customize your act to be a perfect fit for the client’s entertainment need.

Plan for a follow-up meeting to show them how you would fit in – How you would entertain the audience.
Bring some tested "audience pleasers" - that can't lose. Woo them and wow them at the same time. After all, you are a magician and that is what they expect. Give them a sample Program or poster - and walk them trough your basic routines - like audience participation, special tricks, and lessons taught (Kelso)