Know Your Audience

Your audience can be catorized into several types.
Learn how to recognize them and how to deal with them.

There are people who enjoy magic for the entertainment value.
They would rather not know how the magic is done.
They know that learning the secret would spoil the effect.
For these I say - Don't disappoint them
- give them the entertainment they enjoy

There are people who want to believe that it's real magic.
For these I say - Don't disappoint them either.
- make everything you do look like real magic

There are also people who don't like to be fooled.
- they MUST know how it's done.
- they'll burn holes in your hands with their eyes.
- they'll try not to blink for fear of missing the "trick"
For these I say - Be careful.
- don't embarrass them.
- don't call attention to them.
- don't try to fool them.
- avoid them if you can.
- be prepared - they come in all ages.
- learn to recognize these people immediately
- and guide your performance around them.
And you also have the non-believers - the "I'm not interested" type.
- they think that magic is for children
- it's beneath the dignity of an adult to watch.
For these I say - Entertain the rest of the audience.
- You just may win these non-believers over with the entertainment.

Finally - there is one more type that you have to learn to deal with.

The heckler.
- they're jealous of the attention others are paying to you.
- they want the attention aimed at them.
- they'll try to expose you as a fraud
- that want to show everying that you can't do "real" magic.
- in order for them to have the spotlight on themselves, they need to bring you down.
For these I say - Play to the better side of your audience.
- Don't let the heckler pull you down to their level
- Don't let the heckler break your character.
- Focus your attention on the rest of the audience
- Focut your attention on your performance

Know your audience.
Learn what they like.
Give them what makes them happy.

It's part of being a Professional entertainer



Cold Audience

 "a Cold Audience" - That sounds like a strange Title, doesn't it?
But let me explain what it is and how to deal with it.

If you have ever done or thought of doing restaurant magic, street magic or any type of show where the audience did not come to see magic - then you have dealt with or will deal with a "Cold Audience"

As I mention in an another post - you have to "Know your Audience"
Not everyone in a "Cold Audience" has come to see magic - nor do they all necessarily enjoy magic.

You have no way of knowing the types of people in a "Cold Audience"
And you don't know how they will react to your special talent. (aka "of being fooled")

Some people can't stand to be fooled - they can't stand to not know how you did whatever you did.

Some will persist in trying to discover your secret.

   "Let me see those cards"
  "Let me try that"
  "I think I know how you did that"

As I've said before - you have to know how to deal with the different types of people in your audience.
And, you have to know that in a moment's notice.

I like to try to diffuse the potential situation before it has a chance to get started by letting the audience know right up front that what I will be doing is technically just "TRICKS"

But, if they want to - They can witness the beauty of Magic.

I want them to know that I am there to entertain them.
I am there to show them something that they don't see in everyday life.

For adults I let them know that if they wish, they can experience the imagination they had when they were children.
For many - imagination is something that got lost somewhere between being a child and being a grown up.
Reality was too important to spend any time imagining.
I also want the audience to experience a mental sigh of relief, so that during the time they watch my show, they will be mentally relaxed.

Afterall, entertainment is meant to divert one's attention from the serious side of life to a relaxed and enjoyable state.

I believe that if you go in to any entertainment career with this sort of attitude - and believe it - that you will win your audiences over. 

Of course, you still need the talent that goes with the show - so it's up to you to polish your act, develop your character, and win your audience over with performance charm.

Be sincere in your desire to entertain and it will show.

Imagine - if you can win over a "Cold Audience" - just think of what you can do when your entire audience has come to see and experience a Magic show!

~ Mysterio ~