Who am I - and why am I blogging about Magic


My name is Dick (aka Mysterio) - and I have been studying Magic for 30 plus years.
During that time, I have performed magic for birthday parties, school assemblies, hospitals, fund raisers, corporate events, and church socials. I have performed almost every venue from a full stage show with an audience of 300 to those intimate shows with an audience of a few people. While my experience does not qualify me as a full time professional, I do feel that I have learned much over the past 3 decades.

The reason for this blog is that I want to share my knowledge with those who can appreciate it and apply what works for them to the art form that I truly enjoy - Magic!

The Toltec people believed in "Protecting the knowledge."

With that in mind - I ask that you consider carefully your reason for reading these pages.

These writings are intended for those individuals who are truly interested in learning what it takes to perform good magic. So ... If you are truly interested in learning and reading what I have to say, proceed through my posts - and come back often.

If, on the other hand, you are merely curious or want to know how that magician "fooled you" - I respectfully request that exit my blog and not spoil the magic.

Note that exiting my blog will not endanger any known species on the planet. Consider it a contribution to the "National Geographic Society" or "Save the Planet" organization.

Thank you,