One aspect of preparing for a show deviates from magic - but is none the less necessary.

You need to learn how to operate a sewing machine and use an iron.

I can't tell you the number of special "pockets" I have made over the years for hats, jackets, vests, pants, and pouches.  Anywhere there is material that will be within easy reach of me while I am performing is a likely spot to add a pocket.  I have pockets in my table, servante, and have even had them on the back of a chair.

Place them in strategic locations where natural movement places your hand for an easy load.  Flowers, doves, rabbit, bottle, ball, cards, coins... - anything you use in magic is fair game for loading from a hidden pocket.

Besides learning how to operate a sewing machine, you need to learn patience - as you will no doubt have to undo much of what you sew after you try to use the pocket.  Suggestion - use a wide stitch at first - they are easier to undo if you need to move the pocket or adjust the size.  Once you know the pocket is in the right place and the right size, you can make the sewing job more permenant.