Develop your character

Develope your personalized character.  Who are you and how do you want to be perceived when ACTING as a magician?

Do you want to be a klutz - where everything you use falls apart - and fails to work?
Don't discount this character - as it worked fine for Karl Balentine for many years.

Do you want to be a suave, debonaire magician in a Tux or Tails?

Do you want to be known as a funny magician - always getting a laugh?

Do you want to be seen as a serious or mysterious magician - presenting effects that amaze your audience?

Watch other magicians work - and learn from them. 
What works for them and what does not.

Don't try to imitate them - but learn from them.

How does the audience react to them?

Are they applauding just to be polite - or are they truly amazed and entertained?

Find the type of magic you like - work on it - and personalize it so it is your magic.

- A word of caution - Don't pick a character that does not fit you.

If you're a young teen - showing up in a tux or tails may look out of place.

Also - consider magic that is current and topical. 
Years ago, cigarette magic was quite popular.
Today, for most audiences, it is not.
That doesn't mean that it isn't good magic,
it just means that it is not poltically correct in some venues.
If you're working a convention for RJ Reynolds, they may be appropriate.

Enough of my rambling on this topic for now.

I may come back and update this later -

~ Mysterio ~

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